gmcl_scriptdump.dll Module

Hello, does anyone know where I can find the module “gmcl_scriptdump.dll”? It would be greatly appreciated if someone could give me this. Thank you!

I’ve never heard of this module, neither has google at it seems, but from what it sounds like it’s suppose to dumb lua scripts?

Yes, that is exactly what it does.

This guy has it:

[24-05-12 05:31:56PM] - ModuleReport: UnknownAlias <unkownalias> (STEAM_0:0:51345479) - gmcl_scriptdump.dll

I have no idea why you would need a module for that, you can simply unpack the datapack with a little bit of knowledge.

The module was created by Gbps when we were both trying to crack Sethhack and Coldfire.
this dumped all lua that was run into their respective files. We stopped working on it when we found out that they were both compiled lua, With modifed headers, And almost impossible to decompile.

The module is harmless.

Unpack the datapack yourself, it’s not hard.