Thanks. Added to the first post.

Hahahaha, gatekeeper doesn’t use any part of .NET at all, period. You were missing this or this. If installing .NET helped, it’s because the 2008 redist package was included.

That is what I thought. I will link to this instead.

Well, I downloaded and installed that. Didn’t work at all, still get the error. I even got the 64bit version because I’m running 64bit but it still didn’t work… Soooo explain that?

Well, I tried installing the VC++ 2008 redist package but it didn’t work.

I don’t know what was going on but the .Net Framework seemed to fix it.

X64 only, or x64 in addition to x86? All gmod binaries are x86 and subsequently require x86 runtimes to function. An x86 executable can not load x64 libraries. Even if the 2008 runtimes alone don’t fix it, I can guarantee that there’s some other dependency that you are failing to meet which simply happens to be included with the .NET download. Neither this module nor mine use .NET in any way.

If you want to prove me wrong, open the Event Viewer (start -> run -> eventvwr.msc) and look for 14001 errors. That will give you more information on what it failed to find. Just paste the whole entry in here. It’ll be under Windows -> System once you have the event viewer open.

I don’t remember, I think I tried both.

Then please dig up the 14001 errors so we can know what is actually being missed so that we can link to a more specific package in the future.

There weren’t any, someone else having the problem will have to try to help.

There’s also this x86 runtime that is required for gatekeeper. I’m not sure if it’s the same for this module, but I’m pretty sure our development environments are the same.

No it doesn’t fix it i got a setup error trying to run x35

There’s no such thing as x35, and a vague ‘it doesn’t work’ isn’t enough for us to help you. Paste the error in here so we can actually help you.

File Name: dotNetFx35setup.exe

Neither of our modules use components from the .NET Framework. Stop trying to install it.

Have you tried installing this:

Can anyone re-upload this? Because when I click the link to DL it it just gives me a white screen.

I accidentally deleted it a few days ago. :buddy:

I will ask some of my friends if they have it.

Awe, okay. Hope they have it. :smile:

I have it, but I don’t have the sourcecode with it.

gmcl_steamid.7z - 0.03MB

When i try to run DLL it give me error like black ops have. I got windows 7 x64. I downloaded what is in OP AND SP1 for it (x86 and x64 version). Why the fuck i cant run it? - Includes source.

oh hey it’s in OP again