GMDM Redux

This is a deathmatch gamemode based off the source Garry released of GMDM.
We have not only fixed the bugs in the source release of GMDM but we are also adding lots of new features.

Thing we have changed/added or will be doing are as follows:

  1. Added the missing HUD Icons

  2. Created an explosion effect for the RPG

  3. Changed the SMG grenades to be like regular grenades and added an explosion.

  4. Added thrown electric grenades (based on what the SMG grenades were.

  5. Fixed pickups.

  6. Added a map spawn system so you can use GMDM on any map, this can also add pickups to any map.

  7. Added some sub-gamemodes, deathmatch, team deathmatch, soul collector and capture the flag.

  8. Added per-round achievements - Most Kills etc and per-server achievments - Most Kills Ever etc.

  9. Fixed and added trip-mines.

  10. Fixed and added railgun.

  11. Added Egon.

Obviously not all this is done yet but a lot of it is.



More to come + videos.

We have had an offer for a dedicated server many thanks for the other offers. Once we have a beta out you will be able to host your own version.

The test server is up, it is only 8 slots and there is still a lot of work to do.

The IP is:

Many thanks to gmodhosting and for the server.

The team working on this at the moment is: SteveUK, HTF, Xera, Catdaemon and some others from #luahelp chipping in as well.

tell the mapping ents and then i can create maps :wink:

There are no special ones, just regular spawn points (info_player_start). For pickups you just make a txt file with the locations of where you want them to be (which you get through a console command in game). I will post details about this later, the same method is used to give none DM style maps decent spawnpoints.

If you make a map I can set up the pickups for you as an example.

You can put the pickups directly into the map, just name it gmdm_pickup and set the keyvalue “item” to either “gmdm_smg”(Pistol ammo) or “gmdm_shotgun”(Buckshot), those are the only weapons that work right now.

okay thanks

Did you totally recreate the egon or did you add my fixed version?

Not added the egon yet, so only time will tell. Do we have permission to use and modify your fixed version?

Awesome HTF, good job.

Awesome, I can’t wait for a full release.

Really interesting. I liked this gamemode when garry ran it on his server (Especially the ricochet-effects amazed me).

Now, we have a “polished” working version soon :slight_smile:

This looks really nice. I like the HUD layout. Keep us updated! :rock:

I threw together a small map for about 2-4 players. I’ve gotta say that I love the ricochet effects.

Does the shotgun still provide upward force?


About how much for both single and double shots?

If we can get Jaanus in here, we might be able to get some custom models.

Some gameplay footage, it is still WIP though remember that.

Here’s a map for you guys

I’ve always loved GMDM and I might make a map for this. My maps aren’t great but this will help me practice. :smiley: I’ll work on it when I can, it’s just that
it’s the end of the school year and I have been really busy with school work.

I’ve added an ammo box entity that drops from players that have been killed, it gives you the weapons they had as well as their ammo. There were hints at this in the code but seemed like it was unimplemented.

Video (YouTube):

I added a red aura around it so it’s easy to see, I kinda got this idea from GTA4. When players walk over it, it’s just the effect from the normal pickups recycled; I’ll probably replace this later.