GMDM Redux

I already have a DM server and will be willing to host it! and yes it’s a dedi

Good work guys. Keep at it.

In my implementation the weapon pickups weren’t in a big yellow box, it was just the weapon spinning around.

Also, when you got killed you dropped all the weapons you were holding.

Not sure why none of that was in the source I uploaded.

At the moment we don’t have any weapon pickups the yellow boxes are just ammo. So cheers for the heads up on the spinning weapons for pickups we will certainly put that back in, the source has no traces of that at all, same with the dropped weapons, the source tries to drop the weapons but the ent was missing.

I am sure we will add the dropping weapons when killed too, but that depends on how attached SteveUK is to his red ammo box drop. If it comes down to it we can always give the server admin a choice or just use the red ammo boxes for the soul collector mini-gamemode to reduce clutter (the dropped souls as well as all the weapons might get a bit much) and use your dropped weapons for the rest.

Will you be bringing back… the babies?

The babies in the game are referred to as “souls”, and yes they’ll be brought back in form of a soul collection gametype.

For weapons which are dropped when you die, it will drop the weapon you were holding at the time of death and all the rest of the weapons will be dropped in this ammo box. Both of these features can be turned off by admins through cvars.

The red glow is kinda annoying, and I bet it slows gameplay, what with dynamics.

We have reduced the red glow and also made the nades a little less bouncy and random.

Was that the bit with the cool blue glowy box effect you posted a screenshot of way back when?

It’s not permanent.


Wait, you mean the one on the dropped ammo?

I updated the OP with the fixed tripmines and the sexy rotating weapon pickups made by Catdaemon. They also show a couple of the new ammo icons for the hud.

Yeah, the dropped ammo’s kinda annoying and bright. The damage overlay also lasts too long.


I’m still curious as to how far the shotgun launches you into the air.

The dropped ammo isn’t permanent.

And it’s quite far, I’ll upload a video.


I updated the map I made with a little more green.

EDIT: That’s approx. 150 units?

If you plan on making a CTF gamemode, could someone send me the code for the rotating weapons so I can make a flag?

Glad somebody took this up so fast. CTF will be awesome.

it must be 24/7?

There is not much point of it being a dedi if it is not 24/7. Also we have had an offer for the server so we no longer need any other hosts for it :smiley: Once the gamemode is in the beta stage you will be able to test it out on your own servers etc.

Alright, i was talking to HTF and the other guys in #luahelp.

I did a little work on the RPG since it isn’t quite polished yet.

[ul][li]Added new firing sounds for the SWEP.
[/li][li]Added an explosion sound for the rocket.
[/li][li]Changed the ambient sound for the rocket.
[/li][li]Edited the smoke trail, less linear. Also added a small flame at the back of the rocket.
[/li][li]The rocket model is now the brown pop bottle, it looks pretty good.
[/li][li]Added bouncy spinny sparks to the explosion effect.
[/li][li]Fixed error spam from when it explodes (you’re calling it from a physics hook!)[/ul][/li]

Looks more epic ingame.

Any features i should add?

I’m thinking maybe the secondary fire should launch a slower missile that follows nearby enemies.

No, the secondary fire would only make it easier and deadlier, if they can’t hit someone with a rocket launcher that fires linear then they should be using the shotgun or SMG.