GMDM Redux

Well i want it to do something. I think all guns need a secondary fire.

Maybe have it fire a missile that sticks into walls and then explodes after a delay.

I wonder if garry’ll add it to garrysmod as a default gamemode.

The test server is up, it is only 8 slots and there is still a lot of work to do.

The IP is:

Many thanks to gmodhosting and for the server.

I was skeptical about this, just becuase of how GMDMD died out. I setup their server and decided to play on it. Man, it was a blast. It’s great, the effects are awesome! Keep the great work up!

Are the pickup effects getting changed into sometihng sexy ?
Example given:

Okay i coded this crossbow for shits n’ giggles.

It will have a cool zoom eventually.

Right now, it fires bolts that explode into shrapnel after 5 seconds of hitting the world.

Might need a new icon for the bolts.

I’m not so keen on the effect. It looks nice sure but it’s also pretty intrusive and isn’t going to look great in mid air and such.

What we need:




We have tripmines that do exactly that:P We are working on the egon and I feel our pickups are better than those.

Hey is that server still up?

Okay i did a lot of reworking on the flechettes.

The main bolt now has a red sprite on it so you can see it better.

The flechettes now shoot out in a cone facing backwards from the bolt instead of randomly. So you can set up traps and block off entrances with them.

That is erotic, rambo :9

make reload remotely toggle the flechettes

Good idea, consider it added.

I’ve been trying to learn some lua lately…


Wow, that is awesome.

Mind uploading a video?

Well, it just spins. :frowning:

Also, i can’t figure out how to make a 3d particle to spawn horizontally. :argh:

3D particles are kind of broken right now. :frowning:


That’s excactly the problem i desperatly tried to fix for many many hours. :argh:

Just as a suggestion for the RPG: perhaps make secondary fire shoot a less linear, cluster rocket that deals less damage but explodes into tiny explosives that go off after a few seconds.