GMDM Redux

I think this effect looks nice for supplies and stuff with different colors.

For tripmines: perhaps an alternate fire that plants it at your feet and goes off when a player comes within x feet of it?

I dunno if i like that idea.

It’d be better if the flechettes just went off after a set time. Or else people would just whore the crossbow and completely block off doorways then rape the first person to walk through.

With the 5 second delay, you have to be really good with your timing if you want a kill.

Just the man I needed to see! Did you see my idea for the RPG secondary fire?

I was thinking of something like:

On a smaller scale of course.

Haha that would be awesome!

Okay the end result is a bit different than expexted.

You fire a smaller missile that explodes into 8 clustlets. These clustlets bounce around and explode at random intervals.

I’d call this the clusterfuck missile, if anything.

Haha, and the clusterfuck was born…

After GMDM Redux is done you should make these sweps anyway GMDM Redux looks good keep up the good work. :smiley:

Or you could just play GMDM Redux and copy the files from the gamemode folder to your lua folder.

My ideas suck! cries :smiley: well maybe you could combine them like if you don’t set it off by a certain time, it will go off.

From the entities/ folder :science:

I’ve incorporated your idea for tripmines instead, so if you have the tripmine SWEP selected and press reload it will explode all the tripmines you’ve thrown.

Oh, and HTF did you get my PM?

Yes but I ignored it, if you want the source either do as the people above have said or wait till we release. We don’t plan on developing this forever you know.

i know i just like the old version and want to fix it myself. also if you want the flame thrower from the old one just ask, it still works.

We should be able to shoot RPG rockets out of the air. If we shoot them (or damage them) they should explode in mid-air.

Just to update with what I’ve done today, I’ve finished off TDM and now works fine. It also takes into account the mp_friendlyfire setting.

Nice work SteveUK

Can you guys update the test server to the most recent version?