Full Credit to VALVE
I’ve just converted the map to sandbox

Current Version:

-Episode Two

-Lot’s of Buttons to control the Map
-HDR (Not this Time)
-3D Skybox (NOT REALLY)
-Very Optimized (now even more)

-Nothing Actually

-Admin Room (BETA)
-Ceiling Turrets

Known Bugs:
-have been killed with an smg or been shotgunned
and are freakin DEAD!

Planned (3.0):
-Antlion Guard Spawner
-Antlion Worker Spawner
-Maybe more?

Please let me know if you find any Bugs,
and if you like it or not.


I think you need to clarify what you are talking about. Is it a question, a suggestion or a release?

Im on it, it’s my first Thread on Facepunch, so i need to experiment a little bit…

You should try the preview button.

Sound interesting, more like a last stand kind of game play, if you add more stuff toward it later on, like different npc or turrent/npc helpers for example.

I find this confusing…


More of a personal thing, it’s a stereotype for build maps to have these and I personally dislike them.

I just copied my description, 2.9 was only a quickfix with a few new feauters im working on…
Thats why HDR is not this time, the 3D Skybox thing was only a gag…

Ha, I chuckled.

yeah, collection of a few comments i laughed