gmDoom Maps

gmDoom Maps allows you to load Doom maps into Garry’s Mod. You can find it on the Workshop.
Requires gmDoom to function.

There’s still some things that need fixing. You can find a list of known problems in the Workshop description.

Wowza, what to say? Although it still needs optimizing (although with how Gmod works, it’s probably not so easy), but this recreated the maps far more accurately than I was expecting. Right down to the enemy-hearing limitations across the maps being accurately loaded and the little quirks here and there. Excellent work.

Very awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

You have no idea, when we play tested one of the first versions, nothing worked properly. Buttons didn’t work, lifts weren’t solid objects, most faces were missing. Jcw put an extraordinary amount of effort into this and sacrificed unfathomable amounts of sleep to make this thing work.

This is amazing.

The test is over, thanks to everyone who came and helped make the test a success!

[del]We’re doing a playtest today to see if we can find some bugs, stress test and if we could get some people in to do a fun run through of the Doom 2 campaign that’d be awesome.

Keep a few things in mind before you try and join:

-The server hasn’t been tested under a high playerload but we’re going to push our luck on 16 and lower it if necessary. Bring your friends, just make sure they have what they need

-You don’t need gmDoom actually installed although it is recommended, you ONLY need the doom2.wad in your root Garry’s Mod directory. gmDoom Maps not required.

-Although we’re going to have fun running thru and killing shit, keep in mind the primary purpose is to playTEST, meaning we’re there to basically play through to stress test and find bugs so gmDoom maps can be made better and run smoother.

-Scoreboards and other features are on their way to improve your gmDoom Maps experience, but the current and primary priority is BUG-FIXING and OPTIMIZATION, please keep that in mind.

Name: gmDoom maps Test Server (Doom IWAD required)
Admins: Angry and Jcw87[/del]