[GME]Danzig's Monster Energy Drink rally car

Soo, i got bored of building 4x4’s and decided to switch it up. I tried building something a bit lower to the ground… but still capable of going in the dirt.
I scaled the frame car from a HL2 vehicle and went from there.
If requested, i will put this up for download.
It uses:
Wire SVN
HL2: Episode2 and maybe Episode1
and Counter Strike: Source

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJMJohrHCbY

nice tnak

its not a tank Q_Q

You’re right, it’s a houce.

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After listening to the music, I literally threw up inside my mouth a little.

No, it’s a tnak houce.

that’s a nice ferrari

you sir has just been trolled

Really nice actually

should’ve had some “gears” in the sound but other than that it seems like it’s working fine

also pretty nice intro

“Trolled”? If that was trolling it was on a kindergarten level. Go back to playing with ur LeapFrog Scribble and Write

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Thanks. I do happen to have an E2 that has shifting gears. But i really don’t feel like tinkering with this car more than i already have.

i like how you know the name of the game

Yea, my little brother is about 5 years old and has one. Sad part is, his IQ is probably higher than urs.

Oh god you rated yourself winner

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and agree

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Do you not have a childhood?

Its a very nice truck, but I really advise not self rating. Right now your just making yourself look like some 12 year old. The truck itself is really quite well made, and I will say that I cannot make a truck that nice. I can make a plane that nice, but something renders me incapable of land vehicles, though I did finally get an engine running (four cylinder opposing) last night. Have an artistic

That is a terrible, incredibly square and just an insult to the cars that Monster sponsor… Not FP worthy.

Thought I’d drop some positive feedback in here.

Scaling from the HL2 jeep isn’t ever a great idea, same goes for the jalopy. That said from the looks it isn’t too* bad.
Some more information might be nice, prop count etc and some screenshots.

As for the looks, It is squarish and also bland on external details if I’m honest, especially around the back. The car proportions are probably abit weird at some points and the roof and back also seem very basic.

While I agree on some points, saying “Not FP worthy” is rather dumb and makes us all sound like douches.

I am open to criticism, im not a person that will try and make u believe that this is the best vehicle in the world. Just thought i would put it out there and see if anyone wanted the Adv. Dupe file. Thanks for the feedback everyone.

I quite like it. I mean sure there’s stuff you could improve on with the looks and all, but still, it’s not the worst I’ve seen. I would however change the suspension up a bit, cause right now it looks like it’s really stiff and bouncy.

The part where you say “I happen to have a E2 for shifting shit” only shows that you are using someone else’s script, seeing how if you really did make it you would have easily included it in your original…

bad engine sound