GMFF : Ascension

GMFF : Ascension

Last trip on the edge of awareness.

Comments and feedback appreciated.




Loved it. You really showed that alot of stuff can be achieved without a buttload of intrusive filters

don’t you use filters a lot too?

also fucking fantastic video.

Yeah I do, but very recently i’ve decided to to take a huge step back from filtering and come back to the basics. It all depends on the scene I guess…but I really enjoyed this video because it lacked in crazy color changing filters which honestly sometimes, if not done right, subtract from the video itself

I think filters should be used as a story element.
Filters were not needed in this though as the story was already good.
but I agree, filters need to be used with a slight touch or no touch at all in SOME situations.
I mean I use to slap them on silly with out care for awhile.


WOW! Absolutely artistic. the best wake up/sleeping scene ever. just beautiful!


Glad you guys liked it :slight_smile: Altho there were few things that kinda annoyed me, like the prop with invisible downside and one part I failed with the crop :confused:


Really nice video from GMFF.