GMGram - Upload photos and share your time!

** GMGram**


GMGram is a photo uploading service for the game Garry’s Mod! It’s like an Instagram for gmod! GMG allows servers to add photos to our website using the camera SWEP and allows other people to see whats going on! The addon is jam-packed with features and we are always looking to update and add more features!

Features (Lua/Garry’s Mod)

1.) Re-write of the camera SWEP to allow uploading to gmgram but also keeping the functionality of uploading to steam!
2.) A nice GUI (see pictures) to do many things like read new info about the addon
3.) Filters! From the GUI you can see an option to add “filters” to your picture! You can add text along the screen and add special themed filters!
4.) AutoUpdateFilters! If the option is enabled it will allow us to create new filters and add them to your server for no cost to you or no update needed!
5.) Helpful error messages - If something goes wrong we will most likely ALWAYS have a solution with easy to understand errors
6.) Info page to see whats new and see new filters made!
7.) Client settings for people that want to change the colors!
8.) More!

Features (Website)

1.) Sign in with steam
2.) Confirm photos you posted in game
3.) Set up a server
4.) Bans
5.) More!

Planned Features

1.) Ability to add your own server page (exp: will allow you to see pictures from your server
2.) Ability to advertise your server on our site for other players to see
3.) Like and comment system for photos
4.) Profiles
5.) Server pics updating
6.) Ban users from posting on your server.
7.) Support ticket system

Web made by Segeco
Lua made by XxLMM13xXgaming

Download by clicking here

Note: we will be rolling out some VIP options that will be paid for including advertising your server or being able to manage more servers/own your own server page with no branding!

Please learn to use local variables, I know it’s hard but please learn.

hook.Add("PlayerInitialSpawn", "GMGramPlayerInitialSpawn", function()
	if !gmgramaddonused then
		http.Post("",{sid = "gmgram", sip = game.GetIPAddress(), sdate=tostring(os.time()), soid = "76561198141863800"},function(body)
			gmgramaddonused = true

Not sure why you’re doing this when the first player spawns instead of just doing it when the file loads, unless im missing something…

I’ll look into it

Http post was not really working very well on start so I though I would just do it that way probably is a better way but that part does not matter as it has nothing to do with the addon

http isn’t available that early. Better to use a simple timer so it fires when the first player joins though.

Like a timer right when the server joins? Yeah I was thinking about that but idk I’ll most likly change that tomorrow

Just did the timer thing in the latest commit here

Not trying myself due to no server but your automatic HTTPs redirect breaks most of your APIs. Also if I was you I’d try InitPostEntity hook for the http.Post

Broken API example:

<title>302 Found</title>
<p>The document has moved <a href="">here</a>.</p>

[editline]15th December 2016[/editline]

Made a pull request for ya

Merged the request its the small little things that make the big differences! Thanks!

use InitPostEntity instead of PlayerInitialSpawn for the serveradd post request

I’ll look into it thanks

To get this working on your server you will need to go to Once your server has been added enter your server page and click ‘Confidential Information’ to see your password and ID.

So it’s centeralised, and you guys host it all? No way to host my own version?

Currently, there is no way you can host your own version. We can prove you with your own server page with no branding, you can then possibly put it in an I-Frame. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The branding isn’t an issue - my concerns are both capacitive and support related - regardless it’s a pretty neat concept still. Good work

Well, If the addon get’s popular we will host it’s contents with AWS (Or something similar), And can you define what you mean by ‘support’ issues? - Thanks. We’ve got about 150GB of space to be used.

A new planned feature is to add a support ticket system right on the gmgram site

Stop notifying everyone that your addon is installed. It’s annoying and nobody cares.

If you’re going to copy+paste my chunk sender you could at least give me credit for it :v:

Nonetheless, I really like the concept of this addon, and I see you’ve finally learned a thing or two about security :sax:

Because my addon does not have its own swep people do not see the possibility so I put in a notify

I believe I did if I did it give you enough let me know… but thanks man means a lot!