GMHP Coder Wanted, you will get paid.

Hi I have a great idea for a gamemode (great to me at least) and can do all the visuals (ie. skinning, modelling, mapping, etc.), but the one thing I cant do is the coding. I’ll pay $10 for someone to help. If you do a great job and make it exactly what I want, I’ll pay $15. If you get what I want and there aren’t any errors, I’ll pay $10. If you do an ok job and it works like it should but has errors, I’ll pay $5. If you fail and suck, then you get nothing and wasted both of our time.

Ok this gamemode is a Cops ‘N’ Robbers style chase. Its unofficial name is Garry’s Mod Hot Pursuit (based off NFS) you start out by voting who gets to be chased. Everyone else becomes a cop and has to try to catch him and arrest him with a SWep. Everyone starts out in a vehicle. A countdown timer starts and when it hits 0, well obviously, it means go. then the cops chase the crook around a map until either his vehicle gets disabled or a cop uses a battering ram to pull him out of the vehicle. The crook has to last a certain amount of time without getting caught. If his car gets disabled he cannot get it back but if a cops car gets disabled he can hitch a ride with someone to the cop shop and get a new one. There are 3 speeds of chasing. Normal, Fast, and Hot Pursuit. Normal has, well, normal cars. Fast has street racing style cars. Hot Pursuit has supercars like a Corvette or a Lamborghini. All cops have the same model vehicle for their category (ie. Corvette for Hot Pursuit). The crook can choose a car model from its class (ie. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Corvette, etc.). The police cars have lights and sirens atop them and the crooks car only has headlights and rear lights. I sorta got this idea from Need for Speed Hot Pursuit II (in my mind the best NFS still although its graphics are a little shabby) and the episode of Jessy James is a Deadman where he runs from the cops. I would greatly appreciate someones help. Thanks. «ƒ»Infested

I bet if you leave this thread to die and come back a month later with lots of screenshots and progress of maps and models, you won’t need to pay someone to code. If you have a good WIP gamemode thread, people will volunteer to help.

The method you’re using now might work, that is if it was $70.00++ not $15.00.

$15 is nothing. At least $5/hour.

Well I’m working on the map right now and am close to being finished so I’ll probably post a video of me driving around on it or something.

I work for around $50 an hour coding other languages, so pay me that.

Well theres a serious coder my friend knows who will probably do this for $10 but I don’t want to bother him with such an easy task.

Nobody will do a whole gamemode for $10 unless it was their idea in the first place, or they feel like doing it as a favour. I know I wouldn’t.

Cheap bastard!

$35 commissions, $5 per hour. Your friend’s siriose codar doesn’t exist or is a fucking idiot.

Heavnly Post amount. Damn I hate you man!

Not a lot of code has to go into this really. Just vehicle damage, arrest weapon, timer, and vehicle lights/sounds.

hahaha I’ll do that

pay me $30 and it’s done within a week

$35 commission, $5 per hour. No exceptions.

I would… it is $10 I didn’t have before and I would just do it in my spare time…

Alright but can you make it the way that I imagined?

We need a coders union, we demand more money!

That’s being nice too.

He doesn’t exist or he sucks at coding and probably doesn’t even know what a table is yet.

Yes gamemodes seem easy but they are not. All the testing and such that goes into them takes a long time. Take flood mod for example, it’s basically made up of a timer(to start/end rounds), prop/tools menu, info menu, and setting up weapons to do correct damage to props. Yea seems easy huh? Well it’s not, I think the hardest part of gamemodes would probably connecting everything together and making sure there are no exploits or bugs. And yes flood mod was a poorly coded gamemode but it still took awhile to create.

True. I’ve been working on an extremely simple fretta gamemode and it’s incredibly irritating when you have to make everything connect perfectly.

It pays to write down everything you want to do before you start and then make sure that if you add anything it would work.

Don’t you hate it when you get a error. And the error doesn’t give you a hint at all. You’re just so frustrated on fixing it for an hour. And then you realized you made a stupid mistake by making a spelling error.