GMLE or Notepad++

Can someone let me know if which is better, GMLE or Notepad++?

Once answered can someone kindly provide the link for the latest verison?


It’s all down to opinion, I prefer Notepad++.

I use just notepad.
Masochism ftw.

Yea, true. I just want to know what Facepunch prefers. Also, please keep posts pretaining to either of the programs.

Thanks a lot.

Notepad++ ftw.

Notepad++ with GMod Syntax Highlighting ftw.

Pretty much alot of people use Notepad++

Thanks a lot guys.

So are there any other plugins I should get for Notepad++ for Gmod Lua?

Edit: Hi horsey

Auto Complete? I don’t use it because it gets annoying :smug:

Sounds like a good addon.

is there any list of addons?