GMO-SMD-OBJ-Converter Tutorial(PSP Model Ripping)

How to convert *.GMO to *.SMD or *.OBJ (PSP Model ripping)


Final Fantasy:Dissidia - Game ISO - link removed

Mesh2rdm (version 1.94 or 3.31) and GitMo programs -


Blender program

Python 2.6.4 scripts

smd_import_blenderv01b - scripts

1.Use UMDGEN to extract files from FF:Dissidia game *.cso

2.Now you have NoLabel folder find package.bin file

3.Use GitMo to extract *.gmo files from package.bin file.

4.Open mesh2rdm to see commands and link all *.gmo files to mesh2rdm (only v.3.31)
drag and drop *.gmo file to mesh2rdm to see 3d model.

4.Create *.bat file with this text -

mesh2rdm *.gmo *.obj -flipuv -objout


mesh2rdm *.gmo *.smd -flipuv -smdout *.bat file and open (all files in one folder must be *.gmo , mesh2rdm.exe, *.bat ) you have *.obj file + *.png files (mesh+textures) (or *.smd + *.png )

7.Open Blender and use VERTEX GROUPS to add texture perfectly - its easy.

btw: If you have mesh2rdm v.1.94 - then -flipuv option dont work
-flipuv only work in mesh2rdm v3.31

btw: If you have mesh2rdm v3.31 press F5 to play animation

btw: Some *.gmo files have multiple models to see other press enter

btw: -flipuv options use only when texture dont fit properly.

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Thank you.
Also Castelvania uses *gmo format.
And also we can rip Crisis Core models via this tool.

Can anyone confirm if PROJECT DIVA uses .gmo?

Not quite. FF:Crisis Core use *.RAW files and you must use RINOA program to see the models
read RAW-OBJ-Converter Tutorial to see the details.


where i can find this ?


What if the folder doesn’t have package.bin instead there is eboot.bin, boot.bin, UMD_Data.bin and Data.bin ? Can these files be opened with gitmo and how :stuck_out_tongue:

hey, where do i get that gitmo, or what other program do i need to open bin files

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Hi, taichiquan11 i wanted the crisis core 8725 .RAW files but i dont have the equipment to extract them from the game so could you send them to me?


Well you kinda bumped this also psp models are kinda shitty.

i try GitMo to extract but didn’t Work??

It’s probably outdated now or something

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please if any way i realy want from your guide SIR:tinfoil:

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