Gmod 10 auto update.

(accidentally put 10 in title)
I was just wondering, since i have some mods that say they must be in garrys mod (number) or later to work, if gmod auto updates to the latest version or if i actually have to manually download the latest version? Its just something iv been wondering before i install the mod(s).
If this has already been asked and i missed it please redirect me. thanks

By “accidentally put 10 in title” did you mean “I pirated GMod” ?

Anyways, GMod automatically updates unless you’ve disabled automatic updates.

If your mods are broken, attempt to contact the author with the errors you’re getting in the console so they can fix it.

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You don’t need to update addons automatically, there’s no need. You can with SVN tortes, but it’s not really needed.

For those interested, I added the “profile ID” he supplied (which is really his username) and found his profile

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Hey op use this auto updater


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