Gmod >10< Beta

So you guys remember the golden days? No orange box content, no npc groups, no browse menu or entity icons. Simpler times… Well, I need my monthly dose of nolstalgia, and wondering if any you guys could hook me up with that version. I heard there was a legal svn.facepunch/svn/garrysmod blahblahblah svn link, but its broke. Im searching and searching, but just no darn luck!

So, if any yall could link me it, it’d be just dandy!

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BTW: Even if you dont know 100%, ill gladly take hints. STILL. I’d like to see a working version!

You didn’t need to make a thread about it, especially since you just asked hereAlso, I’m pretty sure this would be considered warez because Garry’s mod 10 is a version in which you had to pay for.

Try to google or youtube that :slight_smile:

I think he’s asking about where is gmod9.

Wasn’t so hard to find really.

Gmod 10 beta not gmod 9 :expressionless: