Gmod 10 closes upon joining a server

I have so far, in my 3 days of use of gmod 10, been able to join only one server for a reasonable amount of time before losing connection after too many items were spawned.

Now, after downloading random crap for 30 minutes and finally joining a server, every single time it gets to joining the program closes itself and leaves me staring at my desktop and steam game list. It doesn’t give me any errors or anything, it just closes. I’ve downloaded a shitload of files and I can’t find them anywhere except for the maps I’ve gotten, I can’t find the models or weapons etc. Help please?

Also, what are .lua files for? I’ve easily downloaded over 1000 by now, I don’t know if that may be the problem.

Another question: Is it possible to get the TF2 sentry AI somewhere? I was surprised not to see it on the NPC list.

The Lua files are for stuff like weapons, entities, vehicles, NPCs, Stools and stuff like that. And we can’t put the TF2 Sentry AI because Garry hasn’t.

Just because you mount something doesn’t mean everything in it will work instantly. Otherwise we would have all the TF2 stuff (teleporters, dispensers, Sentries, ammo kits etc), all the EP2 stuff, all the Portal stuff (NPCs and portal gun) and more.

So what do I have to do to use these models I’ve gotten from servers? Is there an add file menu I have to use to get them?

Also I noticed Gmod10 doesn’t give you any SLAMs or secondary grenades for the SMG like in 9. Is there any way to get those?

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]impulse 101

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