GMOD 10 gore mod

Hi, I’ve been looking around on the garrysmod site for a decent gore mod, but I really dislike the whole decapitation part that they all have. Are there any mods that don’t have this, but still have the impact decals for when ragdolls hit the floor/wall etc.?

Best ones:

Both contain decap. Sorry if I’m being picky or whatever, but I find it annoying.

Well, what the hell do you want exactly?

Could probably edit that out

Well… You know when ragdolls hit the floor and you get a crappy smoke/dust effect? I just want something that removes that and puts a blood decal instead. Simple really… i could do it myself If I knew how, but of course I don’t.

“but still have the impact decals for when ragdolls hit the floor/wall etc.?”

my merge

Nobody else?.. Ok then.

Its just been 3 fucking hours. Get some patience and go to sleep or something.

At 7pm? No thanks.

Check again a few hours later and repeat.

Madcow’s extras. It just makes ragdolls bleed when the hit stuff.

Do you have a link? I can’t find that ‘n’.


just take the extras part of the .rar, not the rest.

Cheers. I’ll give it a try.

I can’t FUCKING RUN singleplayer at all

That’s brilliant. Exactly what I needed. Cheers.

NP, mate! (rate me wrenches or i marks, damnit)

i downloaded gmod and cant use steam can u do fileshare or something else??

(User was permabanned for this post ("Pirated Garry's Mod" - SteveUK))

You pirated a 10$ mod…why?

Also, thanks for the guy who find the mod, i needed that aswell