gmod 10 help

Is there a site out there strictly for gmod 10? Thanks for any help

This is Garry’s Mod. Often refered to as gmod10/11. If you didn’t download garrysmod off steam, then you are a pirate and will be banned.

I got it off steam, reason I am asking is lot of the downloads I am trying to get are for gmod 9, not compatable with gmod10/11. I am still trying to figure out how to convert, till then I was hoping for a site that catered only to version 10/11.

just about everything on is for gmod10.
I’ve never found a gmod9 addon on it.

I did see few addons.

If you will need more Addons for Gmod9 just ask, ill find them.

  1. An addon to get gmod9 custom props into gmod10
  2. Gmod9 addon
  3. gmod9 addon