GMod 10 nearby objects lag.

Hello! I am new in this forum and i will now tell you about my gmod 10 problem.

Well, I am picking a ragdoll with physics gun and dragging it near me, or just throwing it near me and, it lands near me. the ragdoll is lagging alot when it’s near me. When the ragdoll is about 5m away from me it acts just like normal. It is impossible to settle the ragdolls in right positions and doing other cool stuff, in this cool game.

Thanks. Fleshpound.

Turn the model quality down.

I have HD4890 is it still necessary?


Try not to overload your folder with addons, what are your PC specs? (not only the GPU), try adding
-dxlevel 80 to startup options and reducing quality settings.

Asus P5K
Intel C2D E8400
Sapphire HD4890
4GB of Kingston DDR2 Ram (800Mhz)
Nexus 600W PSU