gmod 10 requirements

ok, first of all, i know this was most likely posted before, but the search has been disabled, and i dont have all day.

I have had gmod 9 for so long and Ive gotten sick of it. I finally got a credit card, so Im about to download gmod 10. (I was using my friends account with gmod 9 so I dont actually have the orange box, and CS:S)

Do I NEED to have the orange box and CS:S for Gmod 10?

You just need one Source game, any of the large selection.

Except for the HL2:DM that you get from the nVidia/ATi offer, or any source game demos.

Not sure about Zeno Clash.

I don’t think Zeno Clash is a required game for Garry’s Mod.

No what I meant was I don’t know if GMod would work with only Zeno Clash. Does it come with a Source SDK base?

If you know the video/comp requirements for EP2, then you got the requirements for Garry’s Mod

Except for the extra fucking insane amount of memory needed.

Get any source game. Zeno should work

I don’t think Zeno comes with the SDK base though, think that’s only Half Life 2 series, TF2 and CSS.


are the ones I’m aware of.

Stick with CS:S or Orange Box. They are the ones that would work the best, and have the most content.