Gmod 10 Spam bot issue

Hello everyone. I wish this wasn’t my first post on FacePunch, but it is.

Anybody know this guy? Christaster? Is he a known hacker?

Once I join a game, a bunch of errors in Lua files appears in the the corner, and then the spamming begins. I get banned within seconds, and I’m left pissed.

I looked up on google about the situation. A previous thread on this forum said to look in your Lua folder for a weird file, but I’m not entirely sure on what to delete.

Anybody want to give me some insight?

Did you get a new mod recently?

Most recent thing I can think of is the wire construct map, but that’s all that comes to mind.
Got it from

Wow, I saw a dude who joined on my server and said:

"Chrisaster is awesome!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@"

Repeatedly until I had to kick him.
What gives?

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Should we be concerned?

Yeah, most likely it’s another poor bastard who has the same bot as me

Delete your garrysmod\cfg\config.cfg file and it should fix it.

Thanks for the replies, guys.

Went to the links to see how to fix it.

Backing up my addons and deleting gmod now…


Delete your config.cfg in your cfg folder.

I already did that.
Like I said, I deleted all of gmod.

That’s what you have to do to “properly” reinstall gmod.

The cfg folder comes back when you get in the game.

Yeah, but it resets itself!
The reason he’s wanting you to delete your .cfg is because the virus is probably written in there, so if you delete it, it will reset and fix it.

But spend 4 hours reinstalling if you want…

I read about this guy he creates mods with viruses
One time i downloaded 1 map and i wanted to try it on single player, and then i saw that my name is changed to chrisaster and i couldn’t change it back to my own name
He made about 100+ mods and adds not only to, and to all other web pages that you can download gmod stuff from
1 more thing if you looking at the creators name like chrisaster then you won’t find it, because he always creates a new name for himself so that other people don’t know him and well trick you into downloading his stuff with viruses…
oh and the other name that i download that map from was FtsP well i can’t remember maybe it was Etsp
I hope this info helps!

idk if it is the same guy but


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Seriously. What is it with people who don’t know how to click “Deafult” in options to reset their keys.

If only we could infect this Chrisaster person…

Wow a lua virus written in 5-10 minutes and you guys can’t figure out how to delete it? Anyway if you joined his server delete your cfg folder or change you keys to default like Divran said. Unless you put the virus in to your game yourself, then you have to find the lua file the resets your binds and delete it.

Why do people keep calling it a virus? It’s not a virus.

Hey, how about we make a virus that only infects people who make threads about some binds and call them virii?

This reminds me of the virus that spams “UN BAN PAWNSTICK FROM FACEPUNCH PLOX” and makes all of the text you see upside down.

A very easy way to do that: Put the “virus” in a file called “HL3 MAPS!!!” and upload them to, so all the idiots can download the “virus”! :slight_smile:

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Garry should really fix all these things that make servers crash