GMod 10?

I just bought GMod today. As a matter of fact, I got Steam like 5 days ago. Where can i find GMod 10? Is it a patch or do I need to buy that too? I’m confused.

I already used the search feature and couldn’t find a download or anything, but if you can (if you can even download it), please give it to me.

If you bought it, it should appear in your games list in steam automatically.

Well yeah, but how do I know if it’s GMod 10? If I bought it today it should be 10? Cause on the Steam store it says Gmod 9 like under it.

If you payed $10 through steam for it, then it’s Gmod 10

Oh well then…ok.

If you wish to purchase it -

No I already did, for some reason i made that post sound like I didn’t lol.