GMod 11 Issue - Fast Zombie Torso.

Hello people, could help me with a issue that I’m having since I bought Garry’s Mod 11? Well… the problem that is the next, when I spawn a Fast Zombie Torso I do not see a Fast Zombie Torso, if not a red ERROR sign.

Also I have been searching by myself in Google and I found that it can be 'cause I do not have HL2: EP1, and that’s true… I don’t have HL2: EP1 but yes EP2.

So, what am I asking to you? Easy, I’m asking Fast Zombie Torso models (I don’t find it anywhere).

By the way… I had a similar problem with Zombine but I solved it downloading their models from

Well first of all it’s simply called Garry’s Mod, or else it would have been Garry’s Mod 100 and something. And as for your problem, I’d say buy HL2: EP1. It’s $5.35 now because of the summer sale, or about 4 Euros in Spain I believe.

That is what I do not want to do… (albeit I have thought it) by a couple of models I won’t pay $5.35, really.
Are not there another way to get it without spend money as Zombine models?

Just buy it; it’s cheap now, and the game is worth the cost.

C’mon!, it’s only that much. It’s like buying a magazine or a McDonalds meal.

Or he might be a pirate, how many people do you know that call Garry’s Mod Gmod 11? 'Cause I’ve only seen pirate versions called Gmod 11…

He said he bought Gmod. So unless the pirates have begun to charge for their illegitimate goods, he’s got a legit and legal copy of Gmod.

“Garry’s Mod” was classed as version 10 after GMod v9.0.4b

Garry did a “Major update” to it and then people started calling it GMod 11 for some stupid reason.

Steam also says he owns and has played GMod. If he pirated it, Steam wouldn’t show GMod on his games list at all.

True enough (I never really bothered to look :v:)