Gmod 12-13 Porting Help/PLEASE!

I need a step by step video or guide to learn how to porting gmod 12 to 13 STEP BY STEP every single detail all just put guides down below nothing else please.

I have no idea what you mean by “porting” over to GM13, but if you’re asking about putting things from GM12 into GM13, then here’s how:

Maps, reskins, custom models and ect don’t need anything special to be moved over to GM13. just put the files in their correct folders.

As for Addons, you could just get everything off of workshop, but if you want addons from or whatever, it’s really simple

  1. Put the addon you want into the folder “addons” (if it doesn’t exist create a folder called “addons” and put it there
  2. Open the Addon folder and find the info.txt file
  3. right click on the file and rename it to “addon.txt” instead of “info.txt”

Alot of older addons will still be broken, so the only way to fix this is to
A: fix the addons’ code yourself
B: find the creator of the addon to see if they made a fix