GMod 12 addons not loading in GMod 13

Well, I had a bunch of GMod 12 addons (folders that go into garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/) in GMod 13 Beta, and they worked fine, loaded fine etc.
Now that the full GMod 13 is released, those addons aren’t working/loading. My workshop addons are working perfectly fine, but the ones that I have ported from GMod 12/GMod 13 Beta aren’t loading.

I’d like to know if it’s still possible to have these addons, and what was changed between GMod 13 Beta/GMod 13 Full involving legacy addons.

Thanks guys!

rename “info.txt” by “addon.txt” in all addons.
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Offcource it not work in 13, the code was changes!

thank you Taarty for the help, and now i dont see black and purple square no more. and also error to. :v:

The files are exactly the same, why did garry change it in the first place. Just to make it look nice?
Or just to rule out aswell? Making us dependant on WorkShop?

I’m assuming he changed it so people that didn’t clear out their addons on the switch, wouldn’t get a crapton of lua errors by loading old 12 addons.

this might save you a bit of time if you have a lot of info.txt files to rename:

This does not work on Windows XP

go to addons folder.
search for info.txt
make sure your view is set to details, so you can see which folder the results belong to
select the files to rename
enter renaming mode by pressing F2 or right-click, rename
type “addon” and press enter

selected files should be “addon.txt” now, without " (2)" inserted

Hi. I have a similar question but with an older version. I mean i last played GMod when it was the gmod11 and i have lotta addons for that but i dunno if they work in the current gmod version or not so i wanna ask whether gmod11 addons work in gmod13 or not and if they dont workj in gmod13 but its possible to make them work then what should i do to make them work i mean a similar simple file renaming is enough like the one posted before or not

I tried changing to ‘addon.txt’ but it doesn’t show up anyway.

It’s a Mac bug. Hopefully Garry will fix this soon, it’s really starting to annoy me…

Well there might be some exceptions i mean like i have the engine-mod or easy engine or whatever its called for gmod11 and i renamed the info.txt to addon.txt and it showed up in gmod13 although i didnt tested if it really works or not but at least it showed up ingame so i guess it must work if its there cuz no errors happened

taarty I wastrying to install customizable weaponary 1.263 changed info.txt to addon.txt and my maps didn`t load. Good I had a copy of it so I cleaned all the files up I just looked which files were from customizable weaponary and deleted them…

you know theres a beta of that 1.27 now for just gmod 13 lol PAGE 45