Gmod 12 - Gmod 13 Porting. Cant find any advice.

I’m a real newb at this stuff so don’f flame me too much, but I don’t know how to port a Gmod 12 addon over to Gmod 13. I’m not sure what code broke and what code was added, and I checked the wiki, but there’s nothing written there about how to port something. Any advice? You don’t have to explain the whole process, just give me a guide to help a bit. Thanks.

Here you go :

Thank you so much!

That document is a good starting point, but there are still other things that have changed that are not in the doc. For instance, surface.CreateFont has changed and will mess up any font you have in the game.

Yeah, I figured, but that document was, like you said, a good start. Good enough for me to port a small swep.