Gmod 12 To 13 Convertions [FREE]

Hello There, I’m really bored so I’m just doing free conversions from addons for 12 to 13.
Put The Garry’ link below.

Thomas the Tank Engine

-.- That’s for 13…

So how do you fix them? By just changing info.txt to addon.txt? Or fully rewrite broken lua code?


Guys Dont Fall For It Hes Just Trying To Steal Your Scripts And Sell Them For Profit

That makes no sense. How does he steal a script? Anyone can do that.

How am I stealing it? and making a profit, READ THE TITLE NOOB.

I Did Read The Thread Title Bitch At Least I Know English Unlike You And Your Lower Case Letter BullShit Stop Trying To Hide That Your Scamming People Out Of Their Shitty Scripts

Fix The Gamemode if you are Bored, and than the Backpack, Ringslots and wouh - and i’ll start Playing UD again :smiley: Funny RPG.

LOL, That’s not that quick :wink:

Yea, but if you are bored, just give it a try and begin with:

Will be awsome, but i think it is still too much :smiley:

(but be careful! Hide you Brain, in there r’ Zombies!)

Eh, If I ever have more free time, I’ll do it.

Syntox, did you my PM?

No He Didnt Your PM

Bet you can’t fix fretta.

HaHaHaHa Why Would You Want That Shit Fixed Cant Code Your Own GameMode Stupid Bitch

No, my banned friend. I coded the game mode. Its the elements that change the scores screen I want.

Crawl back into your hole, tyler. Cant you see that nobody around here likes you very much?

syntox turtle are you still taking requests?
If so…
I am not good at the net library yet.

@ Below
Well you’re a fun sucker :stuck_out_tongue:

As jespercal says in the description of the addon “Don’t upload a fixed version, contact me if it doesn’t work”… His email s actually listed there as well.