Gmod 13 Anti cheat

Hey guys , I have been looking around for a long time for a Garrys Mod 13 Anti-cheat.
But they were all older versions.
Could someone recommend me addon anti cheat ?

-op was not clear enough-

!cake’s anticheat is the best I’ve seen, but it costs.

But why not use something that’s free?

Vac It does not help. People use the bypass and hack rcon.

Turn off Rcon? Lock up your shit? a anti cheat is not going to help prevent rcon attempts.

Here’s a free one:

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Make sure you have clientside scripts disabled in the DarkRP config. Shit will break if they’re enabled.

Don’t be a troll, you know VAC/GAC won’t ban people for running lua scripts.

I’m not being a troll?

He asked for a anti cheat that stops rcon hacking attemps. An anti cheat isn’t going to stop rcon attemps.

If he was asking for an anti cheat against malicious lua scripting then yeah something that isn’t VAC would be good. I don’t know how you got that out of that post from me.

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And yes I did snip my first post for reasons that his question wasn’t specific enough. I know that lua exploit scripting exists I actually thought he meant in general of course that would be semi silly so yeah big dumb moment for me.

My point still stands an anti cheat wont cover his ass when it comes to rcon hacking attempts. Turn it off or make it more secure if you’re gonna use it.

VAC doesn’t do that. “RCON hacks” like sv_allowupload are still usable.

Yeah I realized where I had goofed. Sure VAC doesn’t do that and yet 3rd party anti cheats protect you from that. I know I goofed and I’m sorry for the mis-information.