GMOD 13 autorun error, won't load lua file

I’m attempting to run a simple lua file, as far as I know there isn’t anything wrong with it so I’m guessing somethings changed since 11 that would cause it.

I don’t think these are the right tags, but anyway…

LuaGetfile: Not Loading autorun\server	est 02.lua

whoops, forgot to post the file…

function PlayerInitialSpawn2 ( ply )
	timer.Simple (0.5, function ()
		ply:PrintMessage ( HUD_PRINTTALK, "hi" ) 
		ply:PrintMessage ( HUD_PRINTTALK, "/bye
" ) 

hook.Add ( "PlayerInitialSpawn", "PlayerInitialSpawn2", PlayerInitialSpawn2 )

test 02.lua
^is that a space…?

If yes try a file name without spaces.

yes that is a space, wow didn’t think the world would end because of a space, thanks, I’ll try it now.

yep, works fine, thanks again.

Haha, my pleasure.