GMod 13 Beta menu textures messed up & other problems

Hi there.

I just bought GMod about an hour ago (downloaded the Beta as well), and so far it isn’t working properly. First of all, the “Q” and “C” menus (dunno what they’re called) are missing their textures. It’s all filled with purple and black checkers. Here’s some screenshots:

Second, it appears that the game isn’t able to load gm_construct and gm_flatgrass. Both maps get stuck at “Starting local game server”, and i have to end the hl2.exe process with task manager to close the game.

And a third problem, which is related to the non-Beta version: The “Start New Game”, “Achievements”, and “Extensions” buttons aren’t working. I can click them and they make the sound, but nothing happens.



Nevermind, a reinstall fixed the problems. My pc froze and i had to reset it during the first installation, so i guess that’s what caused it.