Gmod 13 (BETA) Opening console on Swedish keyboard?


I’ve recently gotten a key to Gmod Beta! I am really glad I got it but there’s a problem… I can’t access the console. I’ve tried everything I know. “-console” in startup. +bind f12 “toggleconsole”, “Enable Developer Console” in Gmod and set my keyboard (on Windows) from Swedish to English. I do not know what else to do. Is there even a way to enable to console for me? Or am I missing something?

Please help!


This should be in the Gmod 13 forum.

But there’s no “help” over there, only requests or bugs. Not sure if this is a bug.

Putting “+toggleconsole” in launch options fixes it, this annoyed me aswell, but I found this after searching a bit.

Thank you very much. That helped.

or write in chat:

thats how I do it