Gmod 13 bone manipulation Lua error. Help?

when i try to use the bone manipulation in gmod 13 i get a lua error. this also happens for the other right click options. can someone please tell me a fix? or if its just a bug i will need to wait on getting patched?

Yea man I’m getting that too. That’s the one of the reasons I wanted to play Garry’s Mod 13 so bad… such a shame. From what I’ve read up, all there is to do now is wait for an update to come, or if your skilled with lua, fix it yourself. I for one have no idea how to do anything with lua, so I’m going to just kick back, play Darksiders, and wait for an update :v:

Garry’s Mod 13 is a beta. If there is an error, report it to the Gmod 13 BETA forums so Garry can fix it.

same thing here on mac when i use bone edit it does nothing