GMod 13 crashes trying to download nonexistent workshop item

Title more or less sums it up.

In my workshop, under subscribed items, it is completely empty - nothing is subscribed. However in game it downloads about 20 mods, the last one is [broken] shot through the heart, which I guess was a gun? I don’t know for sure, I haven’t played Gmod in a while.

Anyway, this mod doesn’t exist in the workshop at all, and it crashes Gmod when it tries to download it. I can’t unsubscribe to any of these mods because I’m not subscribed to anything, anyone know how to fix this?

Try deleting your addons folder

I’ve tried deleting the entire garrysmod beta folder and reinstalling it, as well as my steam cache, to no avail.

Why on earth are you still using beta?

I was deleting the wrong folder


Upon being less of a dumbass, Crashty’s suggestion worked perfectly