GMod 13 FPS Issue


I’ve read before that this has been an issue with some people, however it seems it’s not at all an issue with some other people and has infact improved.
I’m talking about FPS ingame. I’m running on an i5 750 @ 3ghz with 4 GB of Ram and a 480 GTX video card. I should easily be getting over 150 - 200 FPS, yet ingame the max I can get is around 60 FPS on gm_construct on Sandbox.

It’s even worse when running TTT or my mod. I average around 25 FPS with my mod.

I’ve tried everything, lowering settings, changing resolutions.

What’s happened? :v:

edit: Also, I mean this in regards to all the changes done from Gmod 12 to Gmod 13, which I tried out yesterday.

Been addressed before.