Gmod 13 & Gamemodes

So I was working on a gamemode a while back before the GMod 13 Beta. Well now I am having trouble getting it to load in Gmod 13. I created and did all it said at this linkhere. But still no luck.

We’re going to need a bit more info than that. What does your gamemode folder structure currently look like?

Do you have a .txt file in your main gamemode folder that is named the same as the folder it’s in that looks like this?

	"base"		"base"
    "title"  "GAMEMODE NAME"
    "version"   "1"
    "menusystem"	"1"

    "author_name"   ""
    "author_email"  ""
    "author_url"    ""

    "maps"  ""

    "icon"  ""
    "info"  ""
    "hide"  "0"

Yes, If you are going to ask for help , I suggest adding some code.