gmod 13 hosting

Hey I was lookin for a gmod 13 host but everyone I found was out of stock like exodus servers. Can anyone give me a link to one I really want to host my server through web instead of my computer.

I don’t think there is any hosts besides Exodus at the moment , But you could host yourself if you arn’t planning on getting a real playerbase.

Want to host yourself? -'s+Mod+13+Server+hosting&usg=AFQjCNHtTfV2lE_JtIqGQoWv7-IpobnMFg

If you can set up the server yourself on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid…
Then im your guy.
Ive got some extra resources not being used…
PM me.

I have already hosted myself but I need a host so I dont have to have just 6 people without it crashing. ( Lagging I mean ) 900 ping +

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Thank you I might just buy this one.

Personally I’d recommend EPCGaming (
I’ve been a client of theirs for two months now and haven’t had any problems, my tickets got answered fast as well.

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