Gmod 13 Ignore tool?

Does anyone remember the ignore tool and is there any gmod 13 equivalent of that?

Never heard of it, what’s it do? Quick google search gives me this but no description

I have that already, it just make things easier with posing. for example if you want to pose a ragdoll in a car, you would use this tool on the car model to make it see through and un-selectable so it won’t be in the way while posing the ragdoll, after your done posing the ragdoll you can press ‘R’ (while having the tool open) and have the model that you made unselectable, selectable again…if that makes any sense?

You can use the Fading Doors tool that does the job that you described:

Or you can use the context menu while aiming at the car and select “Make Persistent”, that way the model can’t be selected by the physgun anymore.

alright i’ll try that then!

but it will still block the beam.