Gmod 13 infinite maps?

Hi there so I’ve been playing spacebuild lately and there is this rumor going around on the server I play on (won’t say which on) that maps will have the possibility of being infinite. The way they heard it was that maps in gmod 13 can loop therefore making a “infinite” map. I haven’t played any of the beta so if it’s already in the beta sorry for this post but I just want to know.

Gmod 13 uses the same BSPs as Gmod 12. The only way to achieve an “infinite” map would be some sort of lua hack controlling what entities a player can collide with and see, which teleports the player when they reach an edge of the map. Regardless there haven’t been any particular developments in Gmod13 on this front.

Not very infinite, but 10 times larger is fucking much…

Black Phoenix made a Addon years ago… not very special, because it wasnt working right…
It resizes everything 10 times smaller, so the map is 10 times bigger…
this mod called Colossal Sandbox:

in gmod13, model resizing should work better as in gmod12
so the addon should work after few hours of editing

10x larger is enough to satisfy me, and make aircraft not suck. Less “flying nascar”.
[sub]…turn left ahead…turn left ahead…turn left ahead…[/sub]

The smaller you make shit the less accurate it becomes.
The maximum size is a 16 bit integer, Now even if you rescale everything you still have a 16 bit integer.

If you have something with the width of 20 units, You can move it 1/4th, 5 units. If you have something that’s 2 units wide, You can only move it 1 unit - 1/2th or not at all.

The only real thing you can do properly is have a flat map or something and then dynamically fill it out with shit to make it look like an endless world, Sort of like minecraft does except it’s all local to the players depending on where they are.
Overv made a layer addon a while ago where players could build on different “layers” where you could only see the shit if you were on the appropriate layer. If you have big contraptions though, You can’t really teleport then between these layers without it looking like shit.

On another note, The author of the gravity hull addon is working on some infinite world addon. You should read that tread or ask him about it.

a dude make an addon like that where the same map is repeated infinitely i played on it its pretty awesome (rocket cars) its related to the gravity hull designator

i dont remember very well and its 4 am so sorry if this don’t have any sense and good night

why not zoidberg ? :zoid:

if we can get the portal 2 engine integrated we could use a Linked_Portal_Door to make an seemly infinitive map