GMod 13 modification for viewmodels?

This person has made a modification I’m using now, it sadly turns out when using the toolgun in multiplayer, it has a .357 reloading animation and sound every time you click, is it possible someone could fix this?
It basically reverts some of the viewmodels back to the gmod 12 versions and reverts some things.
he said he’d fix it when he came back but hes been inactive on that thread since 2013.
can anyone fix the toolgun problem?

That’s why you shouldn’t be using v_models; the toolgun uses different animation sequences now. The whole project of pseudo-reverting your GMod sounds stupid; if you want to play GM12, use LMod.

I like the old view models tho

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you are able to rename the models from v_ to c_, and i really like the old viewmodels so i decided to switch them

Well, unfortunately, you’re going to have to deal with the consequences then, since GMod does not cater to older methods.

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Overriding models isn’t the best way either. You can easily reset your gun positioning and hands to match v_models in lua.

then are you able to do something like that for the tool gun or something?
if so can i get a script to do it?

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or somethin like that, im not good with lua

Hands: (PlayerSetHandsModel)

I don’t believe the toolgun c_model actually moved positions, but if I’m wrong,

How do I actually lower it?
Im clueless with lua.

You could do something like this, however, you’d have to find the old toolgun angles and vectors yourself:

hook.Add( "CalcViewModelView", "toolgun_fix", function( wep, _, oldPos, oldAng, pos, ang )
   if ( wep == "gmod_tool" ) then
      oldPos = Vector( 0, 0, 0 ) -- Example
      oldAng = Angle( 0, 0, 0 ) -- Example

This is the point where you ask yourself if it’s worth it to find the angle and vector of a model to fix an animation issue. I’m not trying to be rude, but to try to fix an issue with you using deprecated models( CS:S and HL2 models I can understand, but the toolgun is rediculous) is not something easily done.

where do i put that in? what file?


What file exactly? I hate to keep asking, I’m just a noob with lua. heh.

Create a new one.