Gmod 13 PointShop

Hi Guys I Just Got My Own Garry’s Mod Server And I Have PointShop Installed On It I Was Wondering How Do I Add New Models On It I Tried For About 2 Hours And I Cant Figure Out How To Do It

Can Someone Help Me ?

Thank You !

I would recommend getting the extras pack for the points shop(link is on undefined’s post)
then, download any texture that supports GMod 13, and then put them in the correct folders, materials, and models.

Then, Open the Kliener player model.lua in lua/items/playermodels and edit it. Replace the .mdl file location with where you have put your textures. So it would be like: models/player/texture/skin.mdl
(PLEASE NOTE: Dont replace the kleiner.lua file, save it to your desktop as the texture name.lua so like: jigsaw.lua but when you open it, it is the same layout as the kleiner, just differne tfile locations)

ITEM.Name = ‘Skin’
ITEM.Price = 2500
ITEM.Model = ‘models/texture/skin.mdl’

Now it is setup but it still needs to be downloaded, to do this, the extra items came with a autorun server lua that is very useful. Open this .lua. the location is: lua/autorun/server/pointshop extra.

Now, put the material folder location in the “Materials section” and the models in the “Moels” section, like so:

local models = {

local materials = {

NOW NOTICE: Do not put the folder name in the beginning for thats why the “local” lua command is in there, so in reality, the materials folder path is: materials/models/texture but since its already local, you just need the folders after materials. ALSO dont put the folders content, all you need is the folder name, everything in that folder will be downloaded. And ONE LAST THING, dont put a coma on the lasy model and material, like so:

local models = { <—Models Folder Open
‘duncehat’ <----NO COMA FOR LAST ONE

local materials = { <----Materials Folder Open
'models/duncehat <-----------NO COMA FOR LAST ONE

I hope this helps you. .lua is confusing at first but you will get the hang of it. For anymore help, go to Undefinded official forum for the Point Shop and ask him for a better explanation.