Gmod 13 Pointshops not opening up.

Me and my friend have been trying all day to find out the problem but we just cant find out the problem…
Basically…right when you join the pointshop tells you how to open it but then when we type it in or do the hotkeys it does not open. We have tried 3 diffrent pointshops and we verified the files by dragging each and every file to the correct spot. We know we did it right…what should we do. If anyone here can help us that would be amazing.
We are also not receiving any errors but just the damn pointshop wont open.

P.S i gave this exact pointshop to my friend and it worked perfectly on his server.

Move pointshop-master into addons

I dont believe i can move certain folders in xenon servers control panel…you gotta recreate file by file…

Doesnt work.

Does Xenon servers allow accessing the server through other programs like FileZilla? (If not then you should probably switch hosts)