GMod 13 Release Chat

Sup guys


Wait… Is it out?

nuuu i miss the old tiems

So Garry. This is your plan to stop the inevitable shitstorm of players complaining there 1337 darkRP variants are not working?

My steam is not updating yet. :o

Today is the big day! I’m gonna start fresh, deleted all my old stuff.

january 1970 :v:

Howdy, not long now

Taking bets now on how broken the update will be!

Odds are currently 4:1.

Should have kept the subforum

The mingebags will blot out the sun.

When does Valve usually send out updates?

Then we will build in the shade.

But it’s not a different version anymore.

A moment of silence, for the Garry’s Mod of old.

It was good for bugs/suggestions, Help and Support is more for the non-scripters

I still have Garry’s Mod and Garry’s Mod 13 beta in steam games list. Restarted twice. Wonder if the old one still works?

No more “PERP 5.0 - CUSTOM CARZ” for a long time ! :v: