GMOD 13 server addons are errors

Hello Face punch studio’s.

I have a dedicated server started completely fresh. I downloaded workshop.vdf to be able to add addons to my server. It seems it works but when I join the server it downloads all the items, but when im in the game the things i spawn come out as errors on everything. Tried it on 6-7 different addons to see if it was a game I was missing but nothing seem to go on the right track from there. Any help?

What I tried to do:
Fastdl with drop box-
added all the resource files in a lua in auto run-
placed custom file into addons and main directory-

Stuff I downloaded:

Space suit-
COD sniper model-
barney from hl1-
some sweps-

Picture of pretty much what it looks like when I try to play as a player model:

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Does anyone know how to fix this??