Gmod 13 server cs:s models/materials

I started a little deticated server but I am having a problem.I cant seem to get cs:s models/materials on my server.I want to make a theif class (which i did) and the model is just a error even though i checked many times at the lua but no mistakes. Here is a post of it if it does have mistakes in it.

TEAM_THEIF = AddExtraTeam(“Theif”, Color(0, 0, 0, 255), “models/player/artic.mdl”, [[You are a dirty theif waiting for the right
situation to steal all of them.
1.Allowed to raid and mug]], {“lockpick”,“keypadcracker”}, “theif”, 3, 25, 0, false, false, false)

Please help me and tell me how to add models/materials

ps.Sorry for last post it was locked for some reason

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I really need help…

“models/player/artic.mdl” you checked many times, yet you didn’t see your error?

( Model name is incorrect )

( It must be models/player/arctic.mdl )

Thx dude im going to see if it works

Ps.Im a newby at lua so i have promblems and cant notice many mistakes XD

Yay it fixed it!