Gmod 13 server Dupes tab

If anyone can tell me how do i disable the Dupes tab on my server. Everyone keeps spawning and spamming and making the server crash. what do i need to do in order to disable Dupes tab.

I don’t know but you can restrict the default “Duplicator Tool” for now.

im using ulx and is there any tool restriction addon anywhere?

Yes, there is an ULX module for it. But currently it’s not useable in GM13.

Does your server have Falcos Prop Protection?


evolve has tool and weapon restrictions for different ranks

thats right but its bugged you only spawn whit RPG so you need to edit the ranks

i have the same “problem”. There must really be a way to deactivate the possibility to load dupes from the Dupes Tab on multiplayer server.
Deactivateing the Dupicator isn’t a Option, it’s a usefull tool.

The Problem is: People join Server, spawn any crap they like. They don’t build themself (really, a minge should not have the possibility to make it so easy to kill a server). Some big things are lagging the Server like hell. The duplicator does not check if the Items are on the Server so it paste errors and so on. And in combination with Spacebuild 3 and Nadmod Prop Protection it is even worse. (Nadmod isn’t remove the props after disconnect because it thinks they are world props and as admin, you can’t do Admin Cleanup Everything because it’s removing the atmosphere.)

So, any idea?

Greetings Chaot

I’ve found a way to disable workshop dupes while still allowing them to use the tool/spawn their own creations. The function is contained within the ‘dupes’ file in this directory:

The specific function is the DownloadAndArm function.

function ws_dupe:DownloadAndArm( id )
    MsgN( "Downloading Dupe...
" )
    steamworks.Download( id, true, function( name )
        MsgN( "Finished - arming!
" )
        ws_dupe:Arm( name ); 
    end )

Simply overwriting it to something like this will work:

function ws_dupe:DownloadAndArm( id )
    print("Spawning dupes from the workshop has been disabled. You can still spawn your own saved dupes.")

When they attempt to click “Deploy” on a workshop dupe, it won’t do anything. Take note, however, that this does allow them to spawn any dupes they have saved on their client.

ahhh yes thanks alot Mista Tea!

I need this problem to be fixed too, but I don’t want them to spawn there saved dupes because I got a DarkRP server, they can just dup spawned cash from single player… (Yes, people are that sad to do it)

If you’re needing to prevent players from using the duplicator tool at all, you can modify or add a function that is called on the CanTool hook:

hook.Add("CanTool", "DisableDupe", function( ply, tr, tool )
	if (!IsValid(ply)) then return end
	if (tool == "duplicator") then return end  -- If the player has the duplicator tool out, they won't be able to left-click/right-click anything with it.

        return SomePropProtectionCanToolFunction()

Although DarkRP’s FPP tends to break the checks I do on CanTool. Not 100% sure if this is fixed in the current DarkRP revisions though.