Gmod 13 server won't use my server.cfg

Hey all! I’ve been trying so hard to make a proper gmod server for the last couple of days now, and this might very well be my last dying try to get this almost impossibly complex thing to work.

I’ve got the server up and running, all is good, me and my friend have been playing on it. It was fun and all, but we couldn’t kill each other so I tried disabling god mode from the “Hold Q and uncheck the god mode tick” thing. Didn’t have permission. I made myself admin, but NO I still couldn’t turn the god damn mode off. I tried disabling it from the command thing for the server too and got a: “F*ck you! I ain’t letting you play this game the way you want”

Then I heard that the true way of getting rid of the f*cking ridiculously persistent god mode was to edit it in the server.cfg file (which I didn’t even have). I made one and used one of your presets (thanx) and pasted it to the /orangebox/garrysmod/cfg folder, but the values and stuff that I put in there won’t do shit. It’s like it goes unnoticed. My server won’t use my server.cfg file.

I hate this all so much! Why do I have to dedicate hours and hours on forums, youtubes, googles etc. to play a video game with my friend? Isn’t this supposed to be 2012? In less than 3 years we will have hooverboards for Christ sake!

I’m loosing my sanity here guys, please help me!


I can’t seem to get my server.cfg file to work. I edit it but my server wont change a damn thing. It’s like it doesn’t even use my .cfg. I’ve tried placing it in several different folders, not only in the /cfg folder, but nothing makes it work

If there’s anymore information you need or if you don’t understand my problem, just ask. If you have a solution that’s too stupid to work, I’m willing to try it. Post whatever. I’m getting desperate here. I’m willing to insert uncomfortable objects into a specific orifice on my body if that’s what it takes

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Ok, I’ll make it easy for you. I do a clean install of EVERYTHING if someone can assist me with a thorough guide

Add me on steam, I’ll see what I can do to help: Silvertoe007

Thanks a lot man! Consider yourself added.

Just a heads up, though; things started getting weird and i couldn’t connect to my server, so I uninstalled and deleted everything. The ports are open but a think I’ve set my Ip-address to a dynamic one.