[GMod 13]Spawning entities completely client side

I want to make completely client-side entities for my gamemode and I want to ask you how am I supposed to do it without ents.Create client side (it got removed)?

-snip- misread

Use scripted effects - they’re just like entities.

How would we go about creating entities in Gmod 13 anyways ?

I’m asking about creating 100% client-side entities in GMod 13 not about generaly creating entities. Can someone explain these scripted effects?

ents.Create did not get removed… You probably mispelled it, or youre gamemode has not given the proper files to the client in order for it to be created. Ents.Create will fail clientside if it does not have the 3 files: init.lua, cl_init.lua, and shared.lua (Optional)

update 10 removed ents.Create clientside