[GMod 13] Strange Various Issues

Hello everyone. From day to day I have been having some very odd issues, but I am not quite sure if they are Bugs at this point. These issues have seemed to be occuring randomly, without any sort of code changes.

3 days ago, Entities started disappearing, as in the second you spawned them, a short period of time occurred before the entity was “removed” (The spark effect appears and the entity becomes invisible) However, the entity is still there serverside, and physics and collisions still applied for it (I could walk on it, pick it up, use it, etc.) It is scripted to give me materials for the gamemode, which still worked perfectly. The entity was still completely there. No changes to cl_init.lua were made for this entity. I attempted to record a demo of this happening, but the entity was permanantly invisible in the demo. You could still see the model’s shadow though.

2 days ago, My player model stopped working. I am always the Spacebuild dude (Grey static playermodel with arms out forward, bent at the elbows)

This morning, I was able to run faster than noclip speeds straight from spawn. I had not done ANY changes to the lua since 3 days ago when issues started occuring.

So, my fellow facepunchers… I would like to sincerely ask … What the FUCK?!

I will post code to the gamemode as needed to keep posts short for now.

Your game is haunted.

I know right?

Figured 2 of them out though. An addon I had was overwriting a table (What are the odds of that?!) I was for player speeds, so that explained the running speeds.
Also apparenly if you overwrite PlayerSpawn, it stops calling SetModel on the player, so thats the playermodel B.S.

Still trying to figure out whats up with the disappearing act for my entities.