Gmod 13 surf problem: Sliding.

Hello, in the new Gmod 13 the physics kinda changed and in surf servers its a pain in the ass, for example the speed ramps and the sliding ramps. Im pretty sure it can be fixed by Lua and I need help please
So to explain further more the problem, when your on a speed ramp it just fails, I dont really know how to explain but it just doesnt gives us speed and height required. Same for sliding ramps, it slides correctly but at the end of the ramp you just stop in stead of “flying”
This would maybe help you understand the problem:

Thanks alot, and please answer fast :slight_smile:

What settings are you using? I mean, what’s your sv_airaccelerate?

Its a server, im not talking about singleplayer
And Im not really sure I could tell you it later though

Luckily sv_airaccelerate is a server-side convar.

You should probably look into how surf actually works before making a server.

Its not my server, nor am I a developper/coder I just wanted some suggestions because the ramp glitch is pissing me off and the developpers dont know how to fix it, im waiting for a response on the sv_airaccelerate setting but I was hoping someone to tell me something that could help the server in wich I play. Thank you

You don’t need them to figure out what the setting is… just join the server and type sv_airaccelerate in console.

it says Game notify replicated

I think what you are looking for was answered in this thread: Here… did you try searching?

Thanks alot!! I hope it works, ill test it and then tell you if it works :slight_smile:
Thanks again

Yeah no problem next time try searching in google <YOUR PROBLEM HERE>
its helpful :slight_smile:

Omg it works!!! 1000000 thank you
And yes thanks alot! :smiley: